Welcome to Senegal 

Welcoming remarks of the Ambassador  

I would like to welcome all visitors of this website, especially the businessmen and businesswomen residing in the jurisdiction of the Embassy, together with the Senegalese community living in Kuwait and Lebanon.

This website presents Senegal in different aspects (geographical, demographic, economic and political, etc.), and provides potential investors with useful information on Senegal business environment and on the Projects & Major Works listed in the Senegalese National Development Plan- the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE).

The site also enables them to identify potential partners in Senegal.

In the same token, it creates an opportunity for a permanent interaction with the Senegalese nationals residing in the jurisdiction of the Embassy.

So, I warmly invite our partners to development and our compatriots to visit this website, on a regular basis, and send us back their input.


H.E.M. Abdou Lahad MBACKE

Ambassador of Senegal to Kuwait

Our vision

Celebrate the relationship between the two countries and build a strong tie up with Kuwait and Senegal

Geographical Location

Senegal is situated in the western part of the African continent. Given its geographical location, the country enjoys an easy access to European and American markets .

Political Situation

Senegal, a democracy with multiple political parties, is considered as a model in Africa and all around the world.


The Government of Senegal has created a Fund to facilitate the insertion in Senegal of nationals living abroad (FAISE).


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