The Senegalese Agency for the Promotion of Exportations (ASEPEX) has the mission to identify the  most suitable destinations for the Senegalese products devoted to the international market.

Senegal main export products derive from agro-business and mining sectors:

Food processing industry

Fisheries :- fish - sea food (crustaceans - mollusk and other sea food)

Agricultural products :- cotton, groundnut, by-products (unrefined peanut oil)

Local products :- baobab fruit ("buy") - hibiscus sabdariffa leaves ("bisaab") - cushew.

Horticultural products :- tomato, honeydew melon, watermelon, mango, sweet corn, green beans, green onion, squash, pepper, asparagus, herbs, sweet potato, papaya, banana

Livestock :- sheep, goat, beef.

Mining industry

Precious metals:- gold - platinum

Base metals :- iron ore - copper - chromium - nickel - lithium - tin - molybdenum - platinum

Industrial minerals :- phosphates - industrial limestone - salt - barite

Heavy minerals:- zircon - titanium - marble

Stones ornemental

Important gas and oil deposits are discovered in Senegal.