Any death of a Senegalese national occurred in the jurisdiction of the Embassy must be recorded in the civil status register of the Embassy.

If the deadline expires by falling within a holiday, the declaration can still be accepted during the first following working day.

Declaration can be made by a relative of the deceased or any person having in his civil status all the necessary information pertaining to the issuance of the death certificate.

When a declaration is not registered after a month and fifteen days following the death, it can still be accepted as a delayed declaration, up to one year ahead, on  the condition for the declarant to present a certificate issued by a doctor or to bring two adult  witnesses who can give an evidence for the occurrence of the death.

The mention "delay of registration" will be recorded at the heading of the act issued lately.

After one year, the death cannot be recorded except if the relevant and competent judge allows it, after issuing  a formal authorization, on conditions stated by the Senegalese Family Code.

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