Contact details of FAISE are:

The Government of Senegal has created a Fund to facilitate the insertion in Senegal of nationals living abroad (FAISE).

The criteria to be eligible to the Fund are as follows:


Criteria relating to the project

  • Project must be located in Senegal (hinterland is favored)
  • Sector of activities: agriculture and agribusiness; ICT; tourism; cultural industry & arts and crafts; textile and clothing industry; sea fruits and aquaculture (transportation, real state and trade are not eligible)
  • Jobs creation (especially for youth and women)
  • Economic viability
  • Socio-economic impact
  • Ceiling of funding fixed at 15,000,000 FCFA
  • Interest rate = 6%
  • Duration of reimbursements = 5 years
  • Deferred= 6 months

Criteria relating to the promoter

  • To be a Senegalese national (consular ID or any other document as proof of overseas stay)
  • Competency and experience in the area of investment (CV)
  • Commitment of the promoter (10% of contribution)
  • Profitability rate
  • Net Present Value
  • Capital recovery deadline
  • Feasibility study in 4 copies
  • Request for funding the project attention to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad
  • Insert a contact number in Senegal and in the country of residence and email address

Presentation of the project

General presentation

  • Presentation of the project
  • Context and justification
  • Objectives and expected results
  • Description of the project
  • Presentation of the site
  • Presentation of promoter (s)


Market survey

  • Description of the products
  • Analysis of the demand
  • Analysis of the offer
  • Selling price
  • Suppliers of raw material
  • Distribution strategy


Technical study

Technical method distribution

  • Description of the constructions and fittings
  • Description of equipment
  • Assessment of the circulation of capital
  • Total cost of the project
  • Funding structure (loan, contribution)


Financial study

  • Investment sheet
  • Depreciation sheet
  • Loan reimbursement sheet
  • Operational costs
  • Workforce costs
  • Estimated turnover sheet
  • Estimated operation sheet
  • Financial ratios (Net Present Value- Profitability rate- Capital recovery deadline)

Social and economic impact of the project

  • Impact on economic level
  • Impact on social and environmental level

Any project non funded for about two years must be updated.

Anyone willing to extend or consolidate his or her project is kindly invited to insert a financial study of the current activity (report of the activity- ratios of the financial structures).