Political Situation


Senegal, a democracy with multiple political parties, is considered as a model in Africa and all around the world.

Senegalese democracy is based on three core values: voting under conditions of free, fair, transparent and democratic elections; eschewing military coup and promoting interfaith dialogue.

Blog Post

After forty years of power, exercised by the political party that led Senegal to independence, the country had enjoyed two radical political changes, occurred in the framework of a peaceful transition: in 2000, H.E.M Abdoulaye WADE, leader of the Senegalese opposition for more than twenty years, became Head of State, following transparent, free and democratic elections.


After Mr. WADE tenure, H.E.M. Macky SALL, another opposition leader, was elected President of the Republic of Senegal, since 2012, in the same conditions of transparency, freedom and democracy as the first radical political change.