The children born  from Senegalese nationals residing in the jurisdiction of the Embassy are registered in the records of civil status of the diplomatic mission, according to two different ways:

-The transcription: the birth is first recorded in the services of civil status of the country of residence. The original of the birth certificate, issued to the declarant, is transcribed, during a second step, in the registers of the Embassy.

Transcription is imprescriptible, meaning that it can be performed anytime, without a deadline for the registration of the birth in the registers of the Embassy.

- The declaration: it occurs when the declarant comes straight to the Embassy without going first to the services of the civil status of the country of residence for registering the birth. The following documents are required:

- Father or mother ID;

- Child birth certificate;

- Wedding certificate.

Any birth must be declared within a month. If the deadline expires by falling within a holiday, the declaration can still be accepted during the first following working day.

Declaration can be made by the father, the mother, an ascendant, a descendant, a close relative, the doctor, the nurse, or any eye-witness of the birth and by the person whom the birth took place in her home when the mother delivered out of her residence.

When a declaration is not registered after a month and fifteen days following the birth, it can still be accepted as a delayed declaration, up to one year ahead, on the condition for the declarant to present a birth certificate issued by a doctor or a nurse. Failing to issue such a document, the declarant can bring two witnesses of adults to give evidence of the occurrence of the birth.

The mention "delay of registration" will be recorded at the heading of the act.

After one year, the birth cannot be recorded except if the relevant and competent Senegalese judge allows it, after issuing  a formal authorization.

When the declaration concerns a stillborn, the latter is recorded, the date it occurs, in the register of deaths and not in the register of births.